Is Cockney Dying or Evolving – how Cockney accents are changing

Is Cockney dying, with reports that it will disappear from the streets of London over the next 20 years? Or is it evolving, going from strength to strength, an evolving 660 year-old cultural identity of the ‘non posh Londoner’?

A fascinating free online event at 12noon Wednesday March 6th – brings together three experts and voices to investigate these questions and more, in a fascinating, engaging and interesting discussion.

Discover what Jonnie Robinson from the British Library who will be sharing treasures from their sound archive of how Cockney has evolved over the generations.

Meet Dr.Johanna Gerwin who ran ‘London Talks’ investigating the language of everyday Londoners.

Hear Dr. Chris Strelluf, sociolinguist at the University of Warwick, and coauthor of ‘A Cockney Blueprint for Tower Hamlets’.

Find out about the Yiddish impact on Cockney – and also East End impact on Yiddish from Dr.Vivi Lachs of Queen Mary University of London, and Jewish East End historian author and a Yiddish performer.

The event is part of the Modern Cockney Festival (March 1st to 31st) featuring a month-long programme of events, academic lectures, and family fun celebrating the culture, heritage, and future of ‘non posh Londoners’ aka Cockneys.

The Festival is organised by Cockney Cultures, a community partnership between the Bengali East End Heritage Society and social enterprise Grow Social Capital

You can book this event via this link: