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At the heart of our mission is challenging how the stories and voices of non-posh people – like Cockneys, Brummies, Geordies, Scousers, or Weegies – don’t have cultural institutions to define, defend, or advance their collective interests. As a result, their stories get told by others. Stories usually full of negative stereotypes, misinformation, or even airbrushed out of history.

We don’t need a Royal Institute of Cockney. Our Festival instead, provides a space for you to to explore, discover, and celebrate your identity, your heritage, your story.

To tell our story we have created a virtual museum, a ‘museum in a pocket’, the Modern Cockney Museum, consisting of a deck of cards that commemorates ‘The Story of Cockney in 50 Objects’. It celebrates the rich and inspiring heritage of what makes us who we are. It enables you to explore and celebrate your Cockney identity based on positive, inclusive values, to hopefully enjoy a sense of greater pride and purpose in having an affinity with Cockney identity .

We launched a crowdfunder that thanks to the support of people like you, enabled us to produce the ‘Museum of the Modern Cockney’.

Please support us. For just £20 you will receive their own ‘pocket museum’ – do support at https://gofund.me/e2ccd74a.

From London football teams to Pearly Burka’s, the Modern Cockney museum celebrates the multifaceted nature of Cockney culture in all its glory and purity.

Explore the collection of 50 of the most defining cornerstones of Cockney culture. Tour through past and present stories which tell the evolving story of Cockney, shaped into the collective culture as we know it today.

We’ve loved co-curating this collection for you, so do enjoy the experience.

What do you think should be included in ‘The Story of Cockney in 50 Objects’? Do let us know using the nomination form below.

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